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Research activity of OANO "Institute of World Economy and Finance"

Recent research activities of OANO IN the INSTITUTE was carried out in several directions. An important direction of providing quality education, is to bring together the actors of the educational process in the conduct of joint scientific activities which include scientific and practical conferences and methodological seminars of teachers and students of the University.
In the Institute special attention is paid to the organization and conduct of system research work of students (NIRS), both at the level of departments and at the institutional level as a whole. Scientific-research work of students of the Institute includes organizational, work and creative processes to manage this activity; the organization of performance of scientific-research works and research projects of students, testing and implementation of the results of the performed research activities.
 The purpose of NIRS is the development of professional, research, communicative and information competence of students of the INSTITUTE.
Objectives of research work of students of the Institute are:
· implementation of an organic unity of teaching and training students in creative academic, professional and other activities;
· creation of conditions for disclosing and realization of personal creative abilities of students of the INSTITUTE;
· identify the most gifted students who have shown ability and commitment to research activities, as a resource of innovative economy;
· maintenance and development of NIRS prestige by increasing its mass and efficiency, and regionalization of the studies, transparency of results of scientific - research work of students;
· maintenance of scientific and creative collaboration with students and young scientists of the city, region, country and the world, as well as with the heads of relevant structural subdivisions of state and municipal bodies, and potential employers.
 The most effective means of involving students in research scientific work are competitions for the best scientific student work. Competition among students IN OANO Institute of world economy and Finance" for the best scientific-research work is carried out systematically in order to improve the educational process of the Institute and is aimed at developing research abilities of students and increase their interest in this profession, mastering methods of scientific cognition, methodology and methods of scientific research.
 The main criteria of evaluation of research works are:
· the degree of autonomy and the quality of student work;
· the novelty;
· the significance of the results of work for the activities of the Institute;
· professional and scientific soundness, comprehensiveness of the problem;
· clarity, academic quality and conciseness of presentation;
· high culture of appearance.
In 2015, was held the contest of multimedia presentations "the Great Victory" (resp. senior lecturer E. E. Sokolov), the competition for the best student work of economic orientation (resp. C. E. S. A. J. Waichulis, Ph. D. E. G. Perepechkina) and scientific methodological seminar, the meetings of which were devoted to the work with scientific literature, algorithms research, the rules of drawing up of the bibliography and other topical problems of modern research (ed. doctor of Culturology, I. V. Kucheruk and K. SOC. B. Y. V. St. George).
 The contest of student research works at the Institute traditionally ends with the conduction of scientific-practical student conference and publication of its materials. So, in the annual international scientific-practical conference "Achievements and prospects of economic science of the new century: a practice-oriented perspective" (October 2015) participated with publications 24 students who have participated in the competition for the best scientific student work economic orientation. During the reporting period in open competitions held on the orders of the rector of the Institute, was attended by 24 students, 15 students received diplomas and certificates.
 In 2015 there was held an international scientific-practical conference of teachers and students "Achievements and prospects of economic science of the new century: a practice-oriented aspect, in the materials which was published 13 articles of students of the Institute, of them in collaboration with faculty - 6. In 2015, presentations at scientific conferences, seminars and other scientific events of all levels (including students) involved more than 30 students of the Institute.
 Recently teaching staff of the Institute, besides teaching, he actively participated in research activities and research activities of the University.
Priority research areas in the OANO IN the INSTITUTE are: "Management of innovative development at the present stage of development of economy" (associate Professor Vaikulis A. Y.), "the Transformation of the modern domestic education in the context of intercultural interaction" (Professor I. V. Kucheruk); "Mathematical modeling and simulation in various systems and environments" (associate Professor Kotelnikov M. N.); "Improving the management of economic innovation" (associate Professor E. A. Terent'eva), etc.
The most important form of scientific activity of the Institute is publishing pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers, which is carried out in two main areas: a) the publication of both planned and independent research projects in the form of monographs, textbooks, manuals, articles, abstracts; b) presentations at various conferences, symposia, seminars and publication of articles in relevant forums. Note that 100 % of the teaching staff of the Institute are involved in research activities that are reflected in the publication activity of the Institute.
 In 2015, the Institute faculty have published 7 books (2014 – 3), 89 scientific articles, including 32 articles in Russian scientific journals, recommended by higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation. In a peer-reviewed scientific journals, included into the Russian scientific citation index (RSCI) of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers of the Institute published 53 articles. In materials of international and national conferences, published 34 articles in collections of scientific works - 9. Only in the Russian information-analytical system of scientific citation (RISC) in 2014 included 53 faculty publications IN OANO Institute of world economy and Finance".
 Recently there was an increase published by the faculty of the Institute articles in international journals included in the citation database Scopus – 7 papers (2014 – 1). Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Finance and accounting Vasilenkovojj N. In. and Terent'eva E. A. published an article "A retrospective analysis of the development of special economic zones in the Russian Federation" in international journal of Social Sciences", 6 articles were published by Professor of the Department of information technologies and higher mathematics A. M. Lighter in the journals "Low Temperature Physics", "International Journal of Applied Engineering Research", "Journal of Surface Investigation: X-Ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques".
The cumulative citation index of publications of pedagogical workers of the Institute published over the past 5 years and indexed in the Russian science citation index, amounted to 1192 units. The number of teachers OANO INSTITUTE" with the h-index 7 -1; 6- 1;5 -2;4-2; 3-1;2-10. The aggregate impact factor of journals in which published articles of pedagogical workers of the Institute - of 0.21.
At the sites IN OANO Institute of world economy and Finance" in 2015, held an international scientific-practical conference "Achievements and prospects of economic science of the new century: a practice-oriented aspect, in the materials of which the published article 100% full-time teachers of the Institute.
Teaching staff of the Institute in 2015 participated in the training of highly qualified personnel, participating as official opponents of doctoral theses and abstracts reviewers.
 In addition, faculty members of the Institute were involved in internal scientific-methodical examination of work programs on the subjects assigned to the departments of the Institute, and also carried out a review of educational materials for teachers of other universities in Astrakhan region. Actively participated teachers of the Institute and in the study, generalization of advanced experience of organization of educational process, scientific and methodical work, progressive forms and methods of teaching in higher education. The results of this direction of research activities were discussed at the scientific-methodological seminars and conferences of the Institute.
The teachers of the Institute are members of editorial boards of international scientific journals, and are members of various scientific associations. So, Professor, chair of humanitarian and natural Sciences I. V. Kucheruk is a member of the editorial Board of the international journal "Social forces of the Slavic world of the XXI century" (Moscow) and member of the editorial Board of the electronic international journal", CITIZE" (Moscow), included in the scientific Council of scientific-educational center of "Culture – based quality education, vital forces of modern man and society" International Fund for Slavic literature and culture.
The result of the planned qualification of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the Institute in the year 2015, 14 instruments, 12 certificates and 2 certificates.

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