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About Institute

Autonomous noncommercial educational establishment of higher professional education The Institute of World Economy and Finance (IMEF) was founded in 1995. IMEF is a member of the European Informatisation Academy (AEI) and the International Academy of Open Education.

The founder of IMEF is Aseinov Sayar Ahmedovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Grand PhD, Full Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Information Technology of the Consulate General in the U.N.O. status and the World Academy of Open Education.

Since 2005 the IMEF under the supervision by Aseinov S.A. has been working with a innovative educational program “Developing Distance Education and Implementing the Latest Information Technologies”. In 2008 the institute designed and took out a patent for “Global Information System of Managing Educational Establishments” (GISMEE), which is now used in the IMEF.

Since 2012 Aseinov Rustam Sayarovich, candidate of Economic Sciences, has been holding the position of the rector of the IMEF.

The Institute of World Economy and Finance (IMEF) is one of the top institutes in Russia, which implements educational programs using technologies of distance education. The history of IMEF is closely connected with the renovation of the process of education with the help of innovative information technologies and means of telecommunication.

Active use of the latest system of complex management allows developing efficient and quality education and adds to the motivation of intellectual activity while studies.

The Institute of World Economy and Finance (IMEF) trains specialists on the base of secondary, secondary professional and higher education in the following programs: Economics, Management, and Applied Information Technologies.

Students have online access to all e-books and lectures on our web-site. There is an educational portal for students and teaching staff to exchange information and it adds to the efficiency of the use of multimedia means in the interactive educational process.

IMEF provides quality training for its students, having affordable tuition fees. It is possible due to the following:

  • Highly qualified professor-teaching staff;
  • Active use of the latest information technologies;
  • The innovative methods of online education;
  • Well-equipped auditoriums;
  • Specialists and experts from enterprises who teach and consult to form practical skills;

For many years IMEF has been training specialists in the sphere of management, marketing, economics and information technologies. It also provides professional retraining in the main programs of the State Educational Standards. IMEF helps achieve the goals of those who care to get knowledge, develop, and broaden professional horizons.

You can address your questions to the Admission Committee over the telephones:+7 (8512) 21-07-51.

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