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Due to the transition of Russia to a two-level education system (a bachelor degree and a magistracy), many entrants and their parents who got used to traditional system of education - to a specialist programme, have a number of the main questions:

What is the bachelor degree?
The bachelor (English bachelor's degree) - the academic degree or qualification awarded to the persons who mastered the appropriate educational programs of the higher education. Complete higher education in the countries which participate in Bologna Process.
The bachelor degree - the first level of the higher education which is basic and lasts 4 years (at receipt on the basis of secondary professional education on a profile – possibly reduction of terms till 3 years on full-time tuition and till 3 years on internally - to the correspondence and correspondence forms). The main characteristic of a bachelor degree is the praktiko-focused training. The student, further "bachelor", receives fundamental preparation in wide field of knowledge in the chosen direction. Besides, the program of a bachelor degree includes basic data from other scientific areas. This level of higher education (bachelor degree) has no narrow specialization. Upon termination of this level, to the graduate the diploma about higher education with assignment of degree "bachelor" is issued.

What gives the bachelor's degree?
The bachelor's degree grants to the graduate the right at employment to hold those positions which provide existence of the higher education according to their qualification requirements. The diploma of "bachelor" grants also the right to continue training in a magistracy.

The bachelor degree is a higher education?
The bachelor degree is the first step of higher education which is basic. Degree of the Bachelor can be received on internal, internally - to the correspondence and correspondence forms of education. The system of a bachelor degree means various profiles (directions), for example, such as: Economy, Management, Law, Information technologies, Applied informatics and B'day.

Bachelor degree - the higher education confirmed by the bachelor's degree with assignment of the academic degree of the bachelor or qualification of the bachelor

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