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Additional education

In the State program of the Russian Federation "Development of Education" for 2013 - 2020 years, approved by the RF Government on May 15, 2013 № 792-p, noted that at present all the developed nations of the world realize the program of formation of continuous education systems throughout life . Just additional vocational education plays an important role in enabling the right to lifelong learning, which provides a permanent increase in the level of knowledge and competence of the modern professional.

The content of the additional professional education is determined more professional program designed to meet professional standards, qualifications and requirements of the relevant federal state educational standards of secondary vocational or higher education to the results of the development of educational programs.

Additional professional education - kind of additional vocational programs. Completion of the program, a diploma of vocational retraining and assignment of new qualifications, or the issuance of a certificate of advanced training. Qualifications required in the document on professional retraining, gives its holder the right to engage in a new kind of professional activity.

Institute of World Economics and Finance offers relevant additional professional educational programs in the field of:

economics, management, information technology and law

Training. Students who have successfully mastered the course of the program, issued a certificate of a standard form of professional development.
Professional retraining. These programs allow you to quickly gain the knowledge and skills to work in a new field of activity. Students who have successfully mastered the course of the program, the diploma of standard pattern of vocational retraining.
Category of students:

Those receiving the higher or secondary vocational education, specialists with higher or secondary vocational education, specializing in the field of human resource management, heads of organizations, young professionals and people who want to change the professional activity.

Reception is conducted throughout the calendar year.

The list of documents required for admission:

Application for admission
Copy of passport (page with photo and registration)
Photo 3 * 4

We are ready to develop any area of interest to you

Details can be found on the website: www.imef.ru

or call:


Head of DPO Kostrova SV

Tel. +7 (8512) 211-444 (ext. 607)

e-mail: skostrova@imef.ru


Manager DPO Vasiliev Ya

tel. +7 (8512) 210-753 (ext. 508)

e-mail: yavasileva@imef.ru


Information on the implementation of the additional professional education programs

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