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Electronic multimedia grants

Now in educational institutions the tendency of implementation of information technologies in educational process is observed. In it the interactive training, statistical and checking programs for various disciplines of educational process are used.

The most part of people better perceives information visually and if this information is provided with use of evident charts, drawings, video records, dynamic schedules and to that similar material, then comprehensibility of information increases many times, the investigation of what progress of students increases. Such programs give the chance to each student irrespective of level of training:
• active participation in education process,
• individual approach in training,
• self-checking implementation.
Owing to above-mentioned pluses of training with use of electronic textbooks students begin to derive pleasure from the training process, regardless of external motivators. Besides, the computer can act as the patient teacher-tutor who is capable to show a mistake and to give the correct answer and to repeat a task again and again, without expressing either irritation, or disappointment.

Now electronic tutorials are very urgent, the computer training programs are created to the main subjects in professional training.

The main difference of electronic editions from printing is the possibility of creation and reproduction of information in various forms which can't be applied in printing books. Such information on electronic media is stored that is also the integral benefit.
Main benefits of electronic benefits:

• function of bystry search of the necessary information;
• a possibility of the individual organization and structuring information in the form of the hypertext;
• multimedia functions
• interactive modeling;
• interactive system of self-examination.


Through the Internet also training programs on separate disciplines for independent training extend. We will be able to develop electronic benefit on the most various, and even to specific disciplines, guaranteeing quality and conscientiousness of our employees. Examples of the electronic textbooks developed by us are given in article below. They were developed on such specific main subjects as "Diseases of a myocardium, a pericardium and an endokard at children", "Congenital heart diseases", "Glomerulonefrit", etc., and also on general education disciplines: "Linear algebra", "Discrete mathematics", "History of Russia", "Criminology" and great number of others.

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