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Hot Line

"The hot line"

"The hot line" concerning reception in 2018, and also for disabled people and persons with limited opportunities of health.

Phones: 8 (8512) 210-751 (selection committee)

E-mail: pk@imef.ru

The hot line works: Monday-Friday: 9.00-18.00 from 2.07.2018 till 11.03.2019 (for arriving on extramural studies)

Employees responsible for reception of disabled people:
The responsible secretary of the selection committee – Lyashenko Irina Aleksandrovna
The secretary of the selection committee is Fayzulina Diana Nailevna

To advise concerning career guidance arriving, including persons from OVZ and disabled people are carried out by the educational psychologist Taysayeva Svetlana Borisovna, the candidate of psychological sciences, the associate professor.
Schedule of work of the educational psychologist
Monday, Wednesday, Friday with 9:00-12:00, Saturday-Sunday the days off.

Period: from 7/2/2018 to 8/31/2019

"The hot line" of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation


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