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Information management system educational institution

The global electronic environment of university — system of complex automation of the business processes of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION connected with systematization and storage of knowledge, the organization of corporate communications and interactions between employees, set of students, assessment of their progress, training and testing of students, forming of orders, the reporting and the accompanying documentation by Office of registrars, systematization and storage of knowledge and also with the organization of corporate communications and interactions between employees, students and their parents.

The system of the global electronic environment of university is distinguished by the modular approach allowing to create based on a set of program modules flexibly customized systems which functionality depends on the tasks facing Higher education institution.

As a result of implementation of system the customer receives the portal which can be available both in network of local network of Higher education institution, and in the Internet. On the basis of the portal either the selection committee, or system of distance training, or the full educational portal automating all processes of collection and the analysis of progress of students, or the enterprise information portal of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION can be constructed.

The portal provides to users the services depending on a set of the implemented system modules. Examples of the services available on the portal:
• Automation of procedures of the Reception company
• Maintaining progress of students
• Collection and systematization of progress on all cycle of training of the student
• Forming of all reporting Office of the registrar
• Forming of all orders Office of the Registrar
• Distance training
• Testing of students with a full range of reports on it with a binding to orders on the admission
• Informing employees on policy of the company (news, articles, documents)
• Testing of employees
• Informing employees on all forms of corporate training, acquaintance with a calendar of training events, collection of requests for training
• Collection of feedback - forums, blogs, polls, feedbacks about training
• Forming of the knowledge base of the company
The system can be integrated with basic elements of IT infrastructure of the customer - systems of accounting of users, corporate post system, etc. Integration allows to make implementation and operation of system by the most effective.

Hundreds of employees of the leading Higher education institutions of Kazakhstan successfully implemented and use system of the global electronic environment of university.

University address:
414040,12, street Nechaeva, Аstrakhan
Contact phone:
+7 (8512) 211-444
Head of department:
+7 (8512) 21-07-75
Work time:
9:00 - 18:00, mo-fr
sa, su - day off

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