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Information terminals

The information terminal is a multifunction equipment which is used for provision of the help information on demand.
The location most often in institutions where needs to be provided quickly certain information, or to help in the solution of questions.

The information terminal is created on meringue of the personal computer which is set in the plastic or metal (anti-vandal) casing, the casing can be any color depending on an interior if your terminal costs at office. Terminals are equipped with the touch screen and through the interactive menu, it is possible to obtain the necessary information on a request. Easy use is promoted by the sympathetic menu which is developed specially under the customer's requests. In addition on the information terminal it is possible to be set: scanner of barcodes, bill acceptor, thermal printer, USB connectors 2.0., audio system.

Pluses of the information terminal: a possibility of use at any time, we don't depend on a human factor, simplicity of service and ease of up-dating of information.

The scope of information terminals is absolutely various, since simple provision of information, ending payment of any services and penalties.

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