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Inclusive education

Inclusive education is the first innovation in the Russian educational practice initiated by parents of disabled children and those teachers, psychologists who believe in her need not only for children with limited opportunities, but for all education in general.

With the decree of the Russian President of June 1, 2012 No. 761 "About National strategy of actions for the benefit of children for 2012 - 2017", it is emphasized that in the Russian Federation in all cases the special and sufficient attention has to be paid to the children belonging to the vulnerable categories. "It is necessary to develop and introduce the forms of work with such children allowing to overcome their social isklyuchennost and promoting rehabilitation and full integration into society". Strategy provides Legislative fixing of legal mechanisms of realization of the right of disabled children and children with limited opportunities of health on inclusion in the existing educational environment at the level of preschool, general and professional education (the right for inclusive education).


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