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Control and management systems for access

The control and management system for access (SKUD) is the effective instrument of security management of an object. Vnedneniye SKUD will allow to razgranichenit access for employees, to record visitors and the electronic accounting of working hours of a staff.
SKUD allows to solve problems of demarcation of access, preventing of unauthorized penetration on an object, the organizations of conducting system for employees and guests, the accounting of working hours, monitoring of actions of operators and security guards, helps to provide an order and discipline.

Important aspect of the enterprise, an opportunity to control access to locations, resources and information is. There is enough methods of monitoring and access restriction. Conditionally they can be divided into several types.

Independent. Such systems work at a basis of keys of Touch Memory, cards of Em-Marine and HID. For monitoring of access of a small number of users, without a possibility of switching on of controllers in a network and the accounting of working hours. Inexpensive and convenient decisions when it is necessary to control access to small offices or separate locations of firm.

Network SKD. Network systems work at a basis of keys of Touch Memory, cards of EM-Marin and HID. Door controllers in such systems are connected to the computer and can integrate in a network. This diagram is very convenient for access control according to the schedule, operational change of the list of the allowed persons, the accounting of working hours.

Turnstiles. Turnstiles are intended for control of flows of people and regulation of an input and output on checkpoints of the enterprises, in administrative agencies, banks, shops, the airports, stations. Electromechanical turnstiles easily are controlled from the panel of the security guard and can work as a part of network systems of monitoring and access control.

Systems of the accounting of working hours. Systems of the accounting of working hours on the basis of network SKD. The controllers which are used in network systems of monitoring of access are connected to the computer and transmit information on passes through a controlled door or a turnstile. Further on the basis of this information reports on working hours are built.

Biometric control systems of access. A little independently there are biometric control and management systems for access on the basis of fingerprints. They are very convenient in operation as users don't need to wear any keys or cards. Determination of right of access in location is carried out on a fingerprint. Also on the basis of the biometric control system of access the system of the accounting of working hours guaranteeing the reliable and impartial accounting of time spent by employees on operation is organized.

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