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The structured cable systems

The Structured Cable System (SCS) — the physical basis of infrastructure of the building allowing to reduce a set of network information services of different function in single system: local computer and telephone networks, security systems, video surveillances etc. As a rule, these services are considered within certain services of the entity.

SKS possesses a number of benefits before regular cable systems.
• Reliability. On technical characteristics all cable lines, due to use of high-quality components have a prochtost inventory. This fact allows to operate SKS more than 10 years. Obligatory aspect is testing of all cable lines that allows to exclude mistakes in installation of SKS.
• Usability. In a type of creation of SKS on the basis of rules and requirements of standards, the serving technicians easily masters the principles of work with it.
• Inventory and redundancy. An important point of designing and installation of SKS is the inventory and redundancy of ports on the prospect of development and use of cable lines in the future.
• Flexibility. In a type of fixed connection or shutdown of the network equipment, the cable network shall provide the operedelenny level of flexibility. It is reached by separation of cable network into subsystems, creation of the fixed cable lines.


Total ownership cost of SKS is usually 10 times less in comparison with other IT systems as the structured cable system constructed in due form and to requirements, has long service life and operation without attraction of any additional financial investments within at least 10 years. All investments into SKS are performed directly and totally they will be much less, than investments into cable system which will be performed for several years.

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