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Video observation

Systems of video surveillance represent a special type of the security systems providing continuous visual inspection over the chosen object for the purpose of timely response to illegal actions.

In modern reality the whole complexes allowing to provide reliable observation both of the whole buildings, and of its separate parts are developed.

Various criteria can classify systems of video surveillance. Depending on scope of the specific equipment, it is possible to give the most total characteristic.

Systems of video surveillance for the house. Complex protection of own dwelling is impossible without rapid response to penetrations from the outside. It is possible to achieve it only having installed high-quality system of video surveillance.

Video surveillance at offices, halls and conference rooms. A special type of control systems in which both the high-quality picture, and a sound is important. In certain cases the covert video surveillance can be necessary for control over actions of employees in working hours. Such systems of video surveillance will begin to stimulate quality of work in an efficient manner.

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