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Attention, entrants!

Dear entrants!

Educational autonomous non-profit organization of higher education "Institute of World Economy and Finance" within the framework of the implementation of the information letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Astrakhan region of May 18, No. 06-5577, brings to your attention the following information:

Sanitary and anti-epidemiological commission under the Government of the Astrakhan region, in order to prevent the spread of measles among the population of the Astrakhan region in case of importing a measles infection, creating the conditions necessary to confirm the status of the region as a territory free from endemic measles by its Decision of 09.04.2018. No. 5 recommends:

Paragraph 6) .... the Ministry of Education and Science of the Astrakhan Region (VA Gutman), the Administration of Education of the Administration of the City of Astrakhan (IV Gorina), include in the list of documents required for admission to the educational programs of pre-school, primary general, basic general and secondary general education, as well as professional educational organizations, information about vaccinations, within the framework of the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of March 21, 2014 No. 125n "On approval of the National Calendar of Preventive vaccinations for epidemic indications »...

... heads of educational organizations of higher and secondary vocational education, include in the list of documents required when entering professional educational organizations and educational institutions of higher education, information about vaccinations ....

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