Версия сайта для слабовидящих Горячая линия

The launch of a website

Institute of World Economy and Finance launches new website - dpo.imef.ru!
Now it's even easier to follow and participate in creative competitions!

Take a few simple steps - become a member and win!

Step 1: Registration. Create your own account - keep up to date with all the news!
Step 2: Add participants. If you are the leader, enter the data of your students once and in the following competitions, the program will automatically offer the previous participants, you will only have to add new ones.
Step 3: Choose a contest. Every month we offer new contests for a variety of topics, choose what you like and take part.
Step 4: Fill out the application. Declare your participation by filling in the suggested fields.
Step 5: Expect verification. We check the orders as soon as possible - it will take from several hours to one day.
Step 6: Pay. After passing the check, a button with a possibility of non-cash payment will appear on your page. Take advantage of your bank card and pay for competitions without leaving your home.
Step 7: Win! After assessing the work of experts, you will be notified of the results in your personal cabinet and e-mail.
Step 8: Download the diploma or receive it at the Institute of World Economy and Finance at: Astrakhan, ul. Nechaev, 12

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